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Cat vaccination – everything you need to know

If your little companion could speak, they would thank you for the care you provide them every day. Without the attention you give, your cat would be vulnerable to viruses and unfavorable conditions for their health. You are responsible for ensuring that your cat’s vaccinations are administered on time and that their health is always under control. However, lack of information can often lead to confusion. It happens that pet owners do not follow the recommended care methods, and this can have serious consequences.

The little kitten becomes a big responsability

As soon as you hold the tiny bundle in your arms, the problems you need to take care of begin. In the initial phase, vaccinating your cat is the most important responsibility. Through this clinical method, microorganisms are introduced into the cat’s body, triggering the production of antibodies. Later, when the cat comes into contact with those microorganisms, the antibodies are already present and ready to react to eliminate the infection. Did you know that not every vaccine can guarantee that your cat will be fully protected against viruses? Your cat can be vaccinated at any clinic by any veterinarian.

From our experience at the clinic, we have encountered people who were disappointed that their cat came into contact with a disease despite being vaccinated against it. Our response has always been the same: not every vaccine is effective, especially if it is administered only once in the first year of life. The recommended vaccination schedule is very important to provide effective protection. Therefore, being informed about the vaccination period is crucial, and the classic vaccination schedule is as follows: the first vaccine is administered at 3 months of age, followed by a booster shot at 21 days, which is a critical rule in the first year of the cat’s life.

Our solution for cat vaccination

At every opportunity, we make sure to provide comprehensive information to visitors of our clinic regarding cat vaccination. Additionally, for the assurance of desired results, we work with the best vaccine available on the market. Purevax (with variants RCP, RCPCh, RCPChFelv) is the name of the vaccine produced by the French company Mariel. It is a trusted ally for active immunization of cats and protects against:

  • Viral rhinotracheitis;
  • Calicivirus infection;
  • Chlamydophila felis infections;
  • Feline panleukopenia;
  • leukemia.

It is a vaccine that does not cause post-vaccination reactions and provides immunity when administered properly. Furthermore, due to the absence of irritating adjuvants in its composition, it does not cause discomfort to the animal. Although it is a slightly more expensive vaccine, there is no doubt that it is worth making the right decision for your pet.

It is important not to overlook the essential steps for immunization against viruses. 

Being informed and following the necessary steps when taking care of a cat will bring benefits to its overall health.

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